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Charlie Johnson || 27 years old || Writer || Available

Biography :

  • Born and raised in Maine
  • Birthday : up to the rp’er
  • Irish, English, Dutch
  • Vivid imagination
  • Loves writing, especially on cold, rainy cloudy days
  • Prefers to be outdoors

*Secret : up to the rp’er

*Fact : up to the rp’er

Personality :

Ever since Charlie was little he knew he was something special. When every groaned about a writing assignment, Charlie was happy and couldn’t wait to write that 3 page essay everyone failed to turn in - expect him. He was always 3 steps ahead of everyone else, or it just felt that way. When he was only 12 and younger he hated that everyone knew how much he loved to write so, he hid it and claimed he hated but growing and realizing that it shouldn’t matter what he likes and people make fun of him. It was his passion, is his dream to be a writer. So, he let everyone know what his true passion is. Sure that cost him a lot more essays to write but he enjoyed doing it. Everything about writing, expect writers block, made Charlie happy and if that made him a ‘freak’ than so be it.

Being a writer helped Charlie see things in ways he never thought of. And that was the beauty of it, pure imagination. It came with the cost of writers block and he hated that more than anything but he would just hang out with his true friend, go to a couple places, do a few things, meet new people and what not and it would usually inspire Charlie to write but in the long run, his real block is trying to figure out who he really is.

Let’s see what LA has in store for Charlie Johnson

FC : Penn Badgley

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